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Join Our Monthly Giving Movement!

Make a lasting impact—pledge your support today!

  • Cause

    Every month
    This gift sustains the capacity building and projects.
  • Crisis+

    Every month
    This gift sustains the organization and project; it supports the unplanned opportunities.
  • Commitment+

    Every month
    This gift sustains, grow and transform the health of the organization


Embark on a journey of impact and empowerment by becoming a monthly supporter. In the heart of these vibrant communities, we strive to break barriers and foster a brighter future for young girls in the realms of education and self-reliance.

Your monthly commitment can be the catalyst for transformative change!

With your support, we provide girls with the gift of mobility through one girl one bike by ensuring that they can easily access schools. These wheels of change not only shorten their commute but also amplify their opportunities for learning and growth. 

Imagine the profound impact of a sewing machine in the hands of a determined girl ready to turn her dreams into reality!  Your contribution helps us equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools they need to kickstart their own businesses, creating sustainable pathways to economic independence and community development. 

No girl should ever be held back by period poverty.  By becoming a monthly donor, you help us distribute essential sanitary pads, ensuring that girls can attend school without interruption and pursue their education with confidence. 


Join our compassionate community of monthly donors and become a beacon of hope in the lives of these girls. Your consistent support will pave the way for a future where every girl is empowered to reach her fullest potential. Together, let's break down barriers and build a world where dreams know no bounds.


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