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Msichana Initiative
Rahel Mwitula Williams and the Executive Director of Msichina Initiative, one of the partner organization

Our partners at Msichana Initiative envision a Tanzanian society where the rights of girls are safeguarded and girls enjoy recognition, dignity and excel to their full potential.

They are part of the large success story of equality and inclusion of girls and women as envisioned by the Tanzania Development Vision 2025 and Sustainable Development Goal. They are contributing to the creation of a society whose girls are able to realize their full potential. Their approaches include empowering girls, building their agencies, partnership, and advocating for policy and legal reforms.

Read their latest impact report and explore their work below.

Empowered Girls 
Comfy period project

Empowered Girl mission is to enlighten, equip and empower girls to thrive.

The enlighten girls about their bodies, worth, value, rights and potential.

Equip girls with tools to excel academically, to become leaders and to overcome the different challenges they face in their societies.

Empower girls with the courage and confidence they need to compete favorably and thrive

Read their latest impact report and explore their work below.

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